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  • Exterior House Painting Tips

    Summer is the perfect time to paint your house's exterior at CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD.

    Climate and weather conditions play a significant role when it comes to effective exterior painting. The climate has to be just right-not too hot or not too cold. With the beautiful sunshine and warm weather, the summer season is typically the best time of the year for all of your exterior painting projects. During this season, rainstorms, freezing temperatures and wind outbursts are rare. However, a painting contractor has to be on the lookout for humidity and outside temperatures greater than 85°F.

    A summer day with a temperature of around 80°F and moderate humidity is the perfect exterior painting weather for painting with latex products. Excessively hot conditions can cause buckling as well as blistering of the paint. For a CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD painting contractor, the ideal exterior painting temperature is between 50° and 85°F. We want to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality of painting services. Therefore, our painting contractor doesn't wish to be applying paint to the exterior of your house if there is a chance for lap marks or pinholes to occur. To avoid the heat of the summer, we typically like to paint during the early hours of the morning or late afternoon because these points in time of the day are cooler than the temperature during midday. If, by chance, there is a hard rain, wait at least a full day before painting.

    The weather can be unpredictable so as a homeowner take note of the weather forecast before beginning any exterior painting projects. Your best chances are during the summer months because at least you can escape the moisture of snow, rain and dew; dampness is far worse than excessive heat. Painting can be an overwhelming job for both inexperienced and experienced painters. Hiring a painting contractor to complete your summer house painting projects can save you the headache and backache of doing the work yourself. A painting contractor knows the best solutions to overcoming weather obstacles. Enjoy the summer with a new painted house exterior! Call CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD to hear about our painting specials for the summer and for more summer painting suggestions.

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