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  • Harmful VOC Paints

    CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD covers the disadvantages to paints with high level VOCs.

    Living a healthy lifestyle seems to be the craze right now. From eating organic fruits and vegetables to driving fuel efficient cars, people are seeking ways to live “greener”. Have you considered how environmentally friendly your home is? An assessment by CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD’s interior painters on the paint in your home may be a great place to start when seeking ways to become greener. As one of the only Eco-Certified painting companies in the nation, CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD’s home painters are incredibly qualified when it comes to transforming your home into a greener space.

    One of the main things our interior painters look for when inspecting your home is the type of paint used throughout the space. The most common type of paint used in households is those containing high levels of volatile organic compounds (VOCs). VOCs are unbalanced carbon containing compounds that evaporate into the air.

    Although paints containing high VOC levels may be durable, they’re deemed incredibly “non-green”.  The interior painters of CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD cover the disadvantages to using paints with high levels of VOCs.

    • Toxins: Did you know that a typical can of household paint contains several thousand chemicals and that indoor VOC levels can be up to ten times higher than outdoor VOC levels? As professional home painters who are exposed to these chemicals on an everyday basis we found these facts to be pretty alarming, do you as well? Imagine what these toxic chemicals are doing to the Earth.
    • High pollution levels: Paints with high VOC levels are unfortunately contributing to air, groundwater, and landfill pollution. If you have questions about how to properly dispose of paint, regardless of the VOC level, please ask one of our interior painters.
    • Health risk: Breathing in several thousand chemicals can be detrimental to your health. Long-term exposure has been linked to liver disease, kidney disease, breathing problems, and even cancer.

    As professional home painters, we recommend selecting paint with low VOC levels as it’s better for the Earth, your health, and your home’s indoor air quality. If you do currently have paint with high levels of VOCs in your home, CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD’s interior painters can simply apply a paint with low levels of VOC over the existing paint to prevent the underlying paint’s chemicals from further vaporizing in your home. To schedule a complimentary painting estimate with CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD’s home painters please either give us a call or fill out the online inquiry painting form.

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