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  • Interior Paint Color

    CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD offers interior paint color consultations.

    CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD understands that selecting a paint color is often a difficult decision, which is why our teams of painting contractors are here to help you with selecting the perfect interior paint for your home! Our painting contractors have extensive experience when it comes to matching paint colors to complement your decorating style and the existing décor in your home. Consider these interior paint tips when contemplating painting the interior of your home:

    Upper Marlboro Interior Painters

    • As a general rule with interior paint, light colors tend to make a room look more spacious, while dark colors may have the opposite effect. Keep it simple by using whites or neutrals throughout the interior of your home. Who said that white has to be boring? Shades of white can make a room brighter, appear bigger, and feel fresher.
    • When going modern, select a bold paint color for a clean, sophisticated, and uncluttered style. For a traditionally styled room, use colors that are slightly subdued and muted. Rich browns, creamy yellows, and soothing blues appeal to homeowners that desire a classically designed environment.
    • While visiting the paint store, don't be afraid to collect several paint swatches and samples. Test out the paint samples, in your home, by either painting potential paint colors directly onto the wall's surface or onto a piece of cardboard which you can then temporarily mount to the wall. View the interior paint color samples at various times of the day and night since the colors you selected will look differently at various times of the day.

    Let CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD take the first step in creating the interior painting space of your dreams. Contact us for an interior paint color consultation!

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