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  • Upper Marlboro, MD's Summer is in the Air: Time to Paint Your Wooden Patio Furniture

    Easy color makeovers for your patio furniture with CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD.

    It's hard to enjoy the view from your backyard during the summertime when you can't even get past the atrocious exterior painting of your wooden patio furniture. Even if it feels as though you just bought your outdoor furniture only a year or two ago, chances are, time has flown by faster than that. After years of wear and tear, the wooden patio furniture has become quite an eyesore with all of the splintering and peeling of the paint. CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD can help revive the look of your patio furniture by simply applying a few coats of paint. The updated exterior painting will leave your furniture looking better than ever!

    CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD knows that protecting the exterior painting of outdoor furniture is often low on the list of priorities for many homeowners-which we completely understand. However, rather than purchasing a new set of patio furniture for hundreds of dollars, why not give your old furniture set some much needed TLC. Repainting your wooden patio furniture can easily be accomplished with the right tools and preparation. You will first need to sand the surface of your furniture to mend any uneven surfaces on the wood. Very similar to how CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD paints the exterior of a house, you will want to wipe the furniture clean to remove any stray sanding debris. Next, apply an oil primer to the furniture as this will allow the paint to adhere to the exterior painting surface better. Allow a few hours for the primer to dry before applying the first coat of paint. CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD recommends letting the paint dry for at least six hours before painting on the next coat.

    When selecting a paint color for your outdoor furniture, opt for a paint that is water repellant. Latex paints are a great option because they are easy to apply, last a long time and hold their color well. With some extra love and attention, your once neglected outdoor furniture will look good as new. To prevent the exterior painting from getting damaged in the future, make sure to cover it with a furniture cover if you do not plan on using the furniture for an extensive period of time. For more information about CertaPro Painters of Upper Marlboro, MD's painting methods, visit our exterior house painting page.

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